Written materials need layout for any type of presentation. It is also important to know the intended purpose of the content early in the layout process. 

This helps to determine the number of colours used, pixel values and file types.

Our company has extensive experience in creating layouts (brochures, booklets, manuals, books).
Our expertise guarantees a professional presentation of any materials according to the client’s needs, complying with any typographical requirements for printing.

Why have us to do the design and layout?

  • Once you are using our translation service, then it would be convenient to order all the related services also in our 3-in-1 set of services as a one stop solution. Fill out the price quote form and we will send you the quote for all requested services as a package.
  • There will be no need for you to send the source materials again for the layout. We will already have these after the translation is completed, including all the necessary fonts, images, etc.
  • When ordering a new design we can conveniently offer you a combined service exactly the way you require.
  • In a while you will need a somewhat updated but basically the same design and layout again. We will have all the necessary materials from the previous order ready for updating your design. The duration of storing the materials to be agreed separately.
  • All the items mentioned will give you considerable savings in time and money, with no concessions on quality.

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