We need to have the text of a brochure translated into four languages (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian) and then printed. We have the previous design and layout. Would that be possible? 
Yes, naturally. First we will translate the content while retaining the existing formatting.

Then we will do the design and layout, and all the necessary stages up to preparations for printing. Then we will do the printing and deliver the brochures in all four languages to the required destination.
  We have a particularly large technical text that is constantly updated and it is very important that the established terms are used consistently. Would that be possible?
Yes, it is. We use a special translation memory tool for translating technical texts. Translators will get the necessary instructions and all your terminology will be saved in the translation memory as part of the translation process. The same translation memory will be used for any consequent orders you place with us and will be updated with the new translations.

This way you can be assured that terminological consistency of the required material is always guaranteed. Using the translation memory will also enable us to give you a discount for the repeated text units and the following texts will be completed faster.

We need to translate a very large text, but we only have a week. We have an earlier translation memory and we would not like the existing terminology changed. Would it be possible to translate as quickly as possible with the terminology we have been using?
Yes, it is possible. In such a situation we would involve several translators who will translate the text simultaneously online by using our translation memory server and the translation memory you send. This way we could ensure that the large project would be finished in time without any fear that the quality might suffer.